Saturday, August 25, 2012

MIA and smiley stuff

so you may be wondering where the heck i've been...

i guess i assumed you were over at my other blog reading about all the ..."crap" that's hit the fan. if not, you may want to catch up. go ahead, i'll wait.

i tell you, the day we signed up to adopt Elizabeth was the day we felt the storm a-blowin in. you think i'm joking? of course we know the warfare involved in bringing such a beautiful little light into our family- how many lives she will change, how many souls she will touch. she must be something special 'cause the enemy is definitely closing in, but we aint going down without a fight. we ain't going down, period.

naturally though, things have had to slow down just a wee bit. appointments cancelled, paperwork put off, priorities readjusted. we are still praying for God's perfect timing in getting her home and with all the craziness going on it simply means... we are on schedule. phew! the homestudy will still be done by early September. and with that, our agency told us there is still a possibility of travel this year. but in effort to contain my excitement, i'm not putting all my eggs in that basket just yet.

i will admit i've been a tad side-tracked. the blows seem to be coming from almost every angle, our number one hit being my FIL's health. for 35 days now he's sat in limbo as Kaiser's hostage being passed off by doctors and dragged to and from various hospitals.. his case is complicated, rare, and risky to treat. we pray for a miracle. please please pray for him, will you? for a wise/quick decision by the chief docs, for a smooth surgery, and easy recovery, for comfort and for peace and most of all, HOPE.

just as soon as we know what is going to happen and when there will be a show to get back on the road...
*a yard sale
*a jewelry show
*a baby girl's 2nd birthday party?

on a much happier note! you should know, even through these difficult circumstance, we are totally smiling, like you can't knock the smile off our faces smiling, because some AMAZING people made some huge financial sacrifices toward Elizabeth's homecoming. i'm talking HUGE! check out our thermometer on the right... how cool is that?! we love you and we are so so so very grateful... the only way i know how to respond to that kind of kindness and generosity is to get the girl home and love her like she's never been loved before.

truly, thank you. you are participating in saving her life. giving her dreams to dream and purpose to live. she will know her true value by experiencing the hope and the love of Jesus. she will flourish as our daughter.

... thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

well here's to hoping for more to report very soon! thank you, sweet readers!


  1. I would really like to help you get closer to your adoption. I have a soft spot in my heart for Downs Syndrome kids and special needs kids. I am a Tupperware consultant and Tupperware has a very generous Fundraising program. I have recently hosted 2 of these Fundraisers for other families adopting and they have done well. I would love to host one for your family and help you get closer to what you need for your adoption.

    Fundraisers Receive:

    40% of the online sales totals. Tupperware will issue you one check within 2 weeks after the fundraiser closes.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to see if I can answer them. If you would like to set up an adoption fundraiser, just email me and let's see how much we can raise for y'all!! I'll be happy to put you in touch with the other 2 families I've worked with and answer any questions you might have.

    Susan Godfrey