Thursday, October 25, 2012


even after the yard sale was said and done with, i only had to look around to feel overwhelmed...still. we had hardly put a dent in the 3 months worth of yard sale donations collected. some people proposed another sale in a better location, a few suggested Craigslist for the leftovers, but it just seemed like so many odds and ends to post, i.e. never-ending work.

i knew our next fundraiser would be an auction. there are a few boxes we stuffed under the pool table (the one we are selling), with all kinds of goodies to offer. an old highschool pal of mine is a buyer for various health food stores. she so generously supplied us with luxurious french milled soaps (i might have trouble giving them away) and boxes of burt's bees wax chapstick, and mrs. meyers soaps/cleaning supplies, and toothpaste (you know the healthy kind), and jams and syrup, and gluten free this and that, and pasta, and chocolate, and sugar! apparently it is a goldmine - as told by my sister-in-law who actually recognized many of the brands. my friend who passed off these boxes said it would be great for a silent auction, she mentioned i could create gift baskets.

light. bulb.

GIFT BASKETS would be the key to merchandising the odds and ends that didn't sell at our ginormous yard sale. i mean really, who can say no to a cute little gift basket?

so for the past few weeks i've been on a scavenger hunt, excavating really, to compile each basket. i put my fingers to work - snapped some pics and uploaded to Facebook.

VoilĂ !
52 baskets total.

my fingers and, well, God himself (who spoke to the hearts of the donors- whether materially or financially) raised a total of $1300+ in less than two weeks!

can you belive that?! and my house is STILL full of stuff! i've listed lots of the bigger items on craigslist  and am actually making progress on getting my house back to normal... though i think it might be a while. ;)

in other news, our home study is DONE! done done done! (enter happy dance)
we are now working on the foreign docs which is a major headache.
pray for us please. pray we can get this step done FAST with no bumps! 

WE ARE 1/4 FUNDED. in 4 months, people, 10k!
we are so blown away at how big our God is. the mountains He's moved,
the unique circumstances He's set at just the precise time.
the people we've met along the way!
im moved. 
there are no more words.

but we



  1. What a great idea! Praise God for His provision. :)

  2. Amazing! congratulations!

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