Friday, October 5, 2012

That's my God.

Lounging on my bed, eyes burning, head throbbing, back aching, throat dry, I came away to rest-up…

Because tomorrow, like today, is going to be another crazy-exhausting-amazing-God day  - the kind of day where you know, you just know, He’s about His business.

We finally hit the lights at 2am. The garage looked like a freaking boutique. Organized and orderly, it was amazing -and it was ALL my Sister-in-law. Yeh, I ‘d say she pretty much saved me from a panic attack or two these past few months.. she isn’t easily overwhelmed, apparently!

this morning at 6ish we opened our doors…
and HE showed up
in the details mostly
connecting us to people in His distinct way
friends who…
looked after my wild brood and fed them chick-fil-a
lent a shoulder to cry on
took charge of sales
brought pumpkin spice lattes
drove from far-away places to rally behind us
shared resourceful garage selling tips and tricks
cheered on and came near to empathize
baked coconut  and pecan goodies
wrote checks just because
and gave just a little bit more, “for your baby girl.”

Then there were neighbors we never met who…
Became… what’s that?
Real community.
I started the day a bit doubtful even though I felt God speaking in the wee hours, in a dreamlike haze because 3 hours of sleep feels like being half awake:
“it’s not about the money you make, it’s the story being told. Her story."
I stood on the edge of my drive-way in deep convo with a customer
explaining how our journey began… and where we are in the process, i looked across the yard (you know cause I can’t look at people for more than a millisecond or my eyes bug out), and to my amazement there it was, a gianormous monarch butterfly flying as if in slow-motion above the neighboring house.
Orange and black, distinct and beautiful like the colors of Elizabeth’s puzzle.
That sight alone set my course back to the prize and I felt a light bulb being re-lit.

I smiled inside because I knew it was Him speaking
HE’s marking the course and she’s just a wee bit …free-er.

Sophia showed up -
a sweet, petite, four year old with Down Syndrome.
When I met her eyes, Ellie became so real.
I could see it. I could envision her home outside playing side by side her new BFF.
Her mom chatted with me about her longing for community, another parent to share the joys and struggles with.
She seemed so strong.
She seemed so real and normal and well, just my kinda gal.
she might have been mid-sentence when i began to bawl my eyes out
yes, she is a complete stranger and i don't even cry in front of my own husband.
I reassured her baffled expression, "happy tears! i swear... I'm sorry"
and time stood still for a sec. i saw ever so clearly
just how God is weaving this all together
that it's so much more than a dollar bill to make (to bring her home)
I saw the point He was trying to make.

Relationship, it’s what’s closest to His heart.

now for the cherry on top, get this?
we are $970 closer to our little light (WHHHHOOOOHOOOOO)... and i haven't a single doubt, He's mighty.

COme play a part! we will be out there from 7am to noon and with baked goods too!! ;)


  1. this is so beautiful, and I knew he would appear today. Im so sorry I was MIA, my heart was with you, but my hands are busy. I just love you guys, love the stories, love how there is no doubt his hand is doing this work, with your obedient hands!

  2. I'm so glad I was able to get Sophie and I there early enough before school this am.. we wanted to meet you so much. We can't wait for your little Elizabeth to get here...I am excited for the 2 of them to be the best of friends.... We will forever be friends from this day on!

  3. so beautifully said. i am in love with your story of the journey to bring your daughter home where she belongs... amazing how HE works... my prayers continue...

  4. i'm so blessed by this post! i am praying for you all daily. God is so real and so near to us. I am praising God that He showed you all that today!!

  5. AWESOME. God is so good. He knows just how and when to show us "yep, you're headed in the right direction". I'm thankful He showed you today!