Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hands and Feet

This pic doesn't do it justice - there was SOOO much more spread across the lawn as well as 
inside the garage- 7 tables worth, also our living room was filled to the brim with more baby/mom items

This weekend was possibly the most physically, mentally, and emotionally draining weekends of my life (I only wish that were an exaggeration).. truly, yard sales are not for the faint of heart. What’s more, yard sales of this particular caliber.

It was insane. We had (and still have) a ridiculous amount to sell.  And thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those who dropped off their junk (or someone else’s junk), the sale would never have been possible without you! We are baffled by the kindness of friends and even friends of friends.

We’ve been collecting yard sale donations for months, which also equates to months and months of procrastination and panic, in my book anyway. However, by God’s good graces, He provided the perfect people at the perfect time to come alongside and help me pull it off. Props to, first and foremost, my sister-in-law, Caren who is here from Washington taking care of Papa while he recovers. Talk about timing! She was non-stop for days, staying up ‘til the wee hours sorting through and setting up... completely blowing my mind in every possible way. Love you, sister!

And then there were the random assortment of friends who showed up… whether they came to buy a cupcake to show support or arrive at 7am to set up camp, it was completely dumbfounding and I will never forget their sacrifice and kindness.. I hope to think I would do the same for a friend.

Since the beginning of this journey I knew God would be working on me, pressing me to relinquish my rights - my need to control. I put up a good fight. But the more I encounter His ways along the way, the more I’m realizing the passenger’s seat really isn’t that bad. ‘Cause it’s funny, every time I think I know something/anything, I find He thinks that’s pretty laughable. Why? Because He’ll go on to do something wild and so completely unpredictable. He’s asserting that He’s the one in the driver’s seat and that I can do nothing but enjoy the ride, hard work included.

SCARY! But fun.

After the sale Friday I headed upstairs to take a nap only to feel an overwhelming sense to write (clearly something I haven’t felt an urge to do for a while). I knew God had showed up that day. I couldn't stop thinking about it all. I couldn't sleep. I knew He wanted me to make a note of it. 

I now know why. 

Saturday was a flop. I woke excited, expectant, and ready for God to rain down just so. I had my heart set on $2000 and I felt even that was kind of low considering all the other adoptive mamas raving about their yard sale profits.. "$3000 in one day! $5000 total! this is the best way to raise a lot of money!” So I got stuck on their end results.  But after the last dollar was counted, and my sweet friend calculated the day’s dividends - a mere three hundred and eighty dollars, I wanted to cry. I blurted something like “was that even worth it!?” I was so focused on the funds instead of the word I heard from the Lord just one day earlier. 

Prone to fret and doubt, He knew I'd need a reminder. Oh how easily I forget His goodness. I actually had to go back and read that post again to remember what He said, that it wasn’t so much about the dollar made, but the people, the relationships being formed. That if I get her story out there He will do a mighty work through it. I wanted someone else’s story to be my story, but every time He's been quick to show He, and He alone, is the author of this pilgrimage. 

I'm on to the next fundraiser! A silent auction on facebook. I have a TON of really nice items left over... i don't think people/friends realized just who this stuff is from.. it's NOT junk. Most of the clothes are really nice. I have Seven jeans, Guess skirts, super cute dresses, clean baby toys and gear, books galore, a Tassimo coffee maker, vintage aprons, bars of fancy soap, etc., etc.

i was hoping to get some crafty people on board to donate an item they could make, or, just the same, items in your home we could resell at the auction.

THANK YOU, all of you, for your love and support! For your junk, your facebook shares, your baked goods, your tables, your showing up, your sales! THANK YOU a million times. i am so grateful to those on our team to bring our baby home. There are going to be so many more ways to help... big or small we are all working as His hands and feet!


  1. Oh Christine. The funds will come the way he has planned but meanwhile this was community for you, which you've craved so long. Wish I could have been more hands and feet with this.... really do. Our timing was just off this month. :) Im going to be on the lookout something you can auction off. :)

  2. How was I not following this blog of yours already??? I so thought I was. Sorry. :(

    That garage sale- oh my word, Christine. That is a lot of work in that picture. I did a yard sale a few weekends ago and I had like 0.00006% of the stuff that you have there. And I thought THAT was a lot of work. I'm so glad you made some connections and had your friends and family rally around you. I so wish I lived closer. Can you send me the link to the facebook auction?